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Who Are The Klaymore Kruisers?

Klaymore Club History 1
Klaymore Kruisers are a well established Hot Rod and Custom car club based on the west coast of Scotland and one of only a handful of rod and custom clubs in Scotland. The club can trace its roots back to 1978 when it was known as Strathclyde Rod and Custom, a change for the new millennium in 2000 brought our current name, Klaymore Kruisers.

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The Club History

Klaymore Club History 2

1978 – Frazer Walker along with a number of other members of the 2nd City Cruisers decided it was time to form their own club and Strathclyde Rod and Custom Club was born. Soon after this they were joined by new members Keith Fletcher, Ian Marshall and Billy Marshal all of whom are still members today. Other long standing members who joined in 1980 were Martin Proctor and Bruce Kinnear both still members today.

1983 – A members meeting was held which resulted in the club agreeing amicably to split into two separate clubs, one continuing as Strathclyde Rod and Custom and the others forming an American Car Club (we cannot recall the name of this club) but it no longer exists.

1986 – The club held its first and only weekend event to date at Doune Motor Museum, the event window stickers stating “I’ve been Up ‘n’ Doune”. This weekend was a great success for the club.

1993– We held our 1st Picnic Day on the Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, initially intended for club members and invited guests but it was decided to open it up to anyone interested in Rods, Customs, Yanks, Classics etc and it was a great success and has been repeated every year since.

2000 – We had a change of name in 2000 to Klaymore Kruisers to bring us up-to-date, Strathclyde had vanished from the map, and finding T-shirts big enough to print the club name was becoming a challenge.

Today – We continue as a vibrant and enthusiastic club and continue to hold a weekly meeting as we have done since 1978. We always welcome guests and have had visitors from across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, so if you are in the Glasgow area on a Thursday evening why not pop in and say hello. If you think you may like to join us as a member why not come and meet us one Thursday evening. A list of some of the current members can be viewed in the Club Members section.

Klaymore Club History 3

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